Centennial Hills Salon & Day Spa

Our Story

In 1997, Nancy Jane Shaw suffered a major stroke that nearly took her life. She was left paralysed on the right side, lost most of her speech; most of her memory had been lost and was confined to a wheelchair.

Wanting to help Nancy continue to have some normalcy to her life, Nancy’s husband, Marvin, would take her to get her hair and nails done, just like before the stroke. But with one difference; most salons aren’t equipped to handle customers who may have physical impairments.

After a number of years of having to move chairs, customers, other furniture just to be able to receive a service, Nancy expressed her embarrassment with having to inconvenience other customers, service providers and her family when she would visit salons.

During the holiday season in late 2000, Marvin and his daughter Jenny, discussing the situation, joked that “we should just build our own salon that could accommodate customers with these needs, so that anyone could be our customer. We could create a salon and day spa that Las Vegas could be proud of.” They both agreed that this was a great idea whose time had come.

Work began in early 2001 with the plans being developed. Construction began, and a team started to be assembled. Interviews were conducted at Marvin and Nancy house, and training was conducted at Jenny and son in law Dave Lochridge’s house.

The choice of what product line to offer was made after a meeting was held with representatives from Aveda. The Aveda product line and philosophy behind their customer service and education fit perfectly with the overall concept of the salon and day spa.

On December 22, 2001, Centennial Hills Salon & Day Spa opened its doors. To this day we strive to provide the best in customer service, by continuing to build a team that truly cares about their customers and the services they provide. Our commitment to our staff through continuing education helps them to be their best.

On April 9, 2005 we lost Nancy Jane Shaw. The salon is dedicated to her love and devotion to all those that she touched.